Atness Project


The Mission:

Make a positive impact in our communities through art


Who Atness Project suppports:


Atness Project supports non-profit organizations

 committed to the betterment of humankind

​Why Atness Project:


Atness project is in honor of my mother

it is a tribute to humankind's unwavering courage, compassion, and faith


My mother continues to inspire those around her as

she fights against brain cancer

Atness Project carefully selects non-profit organizations that have proven commitment to making direct impact in our communities

 How Atness Project makes a difference in our communities:

Through Atness Project

Sea Kay Gallery donates original artworks

by Claudia Kay to non-profit organizations dedicated to the betterment of humankind to be auctioned in fundraising events

Upcoming Projects:

Atness Project in partnership with ARD Foundation

Previous Projects:

2017 - Gala Junior League Dallas - Silent Auction 

2018 - House of DIFFA Alter Ego Gala - Silent Auction

Thank you for being a part of Atness Project and the Sea Kay Gallery Family


Your support of Sea Kay Gallery ensures 

 Atness Project continues making a positive impact in our communities through art.




Claudia Kay

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