Hello, I am Claudia Kay, thank you for stopping by -


I was born and raised in Brazil then moved to the United States in my teenage years. 

In 2018 I relocated to South Florida from Texas

About my work:

I am self-taught artist working with acrylics, and mixed media

I use different tools and multiple layering of fine paint 

creating depth, light, multiple dimmensions, and movement

By using multiple mediums such as gesso and different tools I texture to my work 

I follow no one specific rule when creating

Some of my work is done on wood canvas

My works show lots of movement and emotions because that is how I paint


Moments we all want to freeze in time, the kindness a stranger has shown,

the mighty laugh of children, or the warm impression an embrace leaves in our souls.

These moments to me are whispers from God.


I take these whispers to the canvas

allowing my hands to dance and

bring peace to the heart

How I got started painting

I discovered my Soul the Day I discovered the art of creating


After a lifetime in Corporate America, it was time to realign my priorities

I struggled to find meaning in the countless hours I dedicated to my professional career

One winter morning sensing the turmoil, my mother said to me:


“Filha, pinta” (Daughter, paint)

She handed me a paintbrush, a canvas, and some paint


Not having ever held a paintbrush,

filled with fear I picked up the brush and took to the canvas

I plunged into this foreign world that up until then had been

concealed by my preconceived notion of who I thought I needed to be


Thus my soul awakened one brush stroke at a time


I discovered my Soul the Day I discovered the art of creating


My work is the journey of giving voice to my creative being ultimately allowing

myself to live a life for today, experiencing every moment to the fullest

unshackled from the false notion of control


I love vibrant colors, I have found that my brush strokes

dance to the music that accompanies me while creating

 I enjoy movement in my creations


Different themes erupt with each creation as mind, body, and spirit join in expression


Dedicating myself to creating I am free

Where you can find me:

Boca Center - 5250 Boca Center Circle #109 -Boca Raton - Florida